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Enhancing EBV Screening Accuracy with Sansure’s Advanced Magnetic Beads Technology:EBV DNA Quantitative Fluorescence Diagnostic Kit

The latest innovation in “Advanced Magnetic Beads Technology” has been introduced by the pioneering diagnostic company Sansure, and it is set to transform PCR assays for EBV screening. This innovative method streamlines nucleic acid extraction, allowing for the production of very pure samples with a minimum of effort. Technology developed by Sansure guarantees dependable detection of the kissing virus thanks to its increased sensitivity, repeatability, and resistance to interference.

The Evolution of Nucleic Acid Extraction

Sansure’s Advanced Magnetic Beads Technology represents a paradigm shift in nucleic acid extraction, streamlining the process to a single washing step while maintaining high purity. This innovative approach simplifies PCR assays for EBV screening, making it more accessible and efficient for healthcare providers.

Unleashing Sensitivity and Reproducibility

By leveraging Advanced Magnetic Beads Technology, Sansure enables highly sensitive PCR assays with a wide linear range, ensuring precision and consistency in detecting the “kissing virus.” The technology’s robust reproducibility enhances the reliability of results, setting a new standard for EBV screening accuracy.

Overcoming Interference and Genotype Coverage

Sansure’s Advanced Magnetic Beads Technology excels in its ability to resist interference and provide wide genotype coverage, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of EBV screening outcomes. Healthcare professionals can rely on this technology to deliver precise results that guide effective treatment strategies for individuals at risk of the kissing virus.


Sansure’s EBV DNA Quantitative Fluorescence Diagnostic Kit redefines the landscape of PCR assays for EBV screening, offering simplicity, sensitivity, and accuracy in pathogen detection. By combining innovative features like high interference resistance and wide genotype coverage, Sansure empowers healthcare providers to conduct efficient and reliable testing for the kissing virus, ultimately improving patient care and public health outcomes.

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